Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Oz Room....phase 01

Well, we have the majority of our stuff moved into the new place. You never really appreciate just how much "junk" you can accumulate when you are in one place for 9 years. It's mind blowing!

But, last night after moving a load of stuff over to the new place, Keith and I went our separate ways and worked unpacking our individual areas. Him to his artist studio and me to my Oz room. He had the day off this past Monday, so he's WAY ahead of me.

The first part of the evening consisted of simply trying to get IN the room. There were boxes and furniture everywhere. So, I shoved this and moved that and eventually got to where I could move around and not knock anything over! Next, I washed the display case in the room. I've had it since I was 16 and it's a HUGE piece of antique furniture. A co-worker of my dad's gave it to me, his wife not needing it. She "rescued it from an old department store in Milwaukee years and years ago.

Once the case was cleaned up, I found the box containing my Franklin Mint Oz dolls and started to unpack them. These are the one set of items I knew where they were going and they were in one of the largest boxes. A few hours later, after primping, straightening up and reposing the dolls, they made it into the case, the lid went on it and I had my first Oz collectibles displayed! I was tired, but excited. I wanted t do more, but sadly bedtime was calling (being a "school night" and all...) so I had to close the room down and head to bed.

Tonight we are going to see our favorite little girl play in "A Christmas Carol" at the Guthrie Theatre, and tomorrow night I am hanging out with my mom. So I won't be able to get back into the Oz room until at least Friday...which is slowly killing me every time I think about it!!!! I can't wait to finish and start enjoying my stuff in it's new space. Hopefully this weekend will be devoted to unpacking and both Keith and I can get a big chunk of our stuff in it's place. The room currently looks like this, so you can see there's a lot left to do!!!

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