Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like OZ!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, December 2009 marks the first time I have an entire room (thank you Keith XOXOOX) devoted to my favorite pass Wizard of Oz collection! It also marks the first time I have been able to combine it with my OTHER favorite pastime...Christmas Decorating!!!

Several years ago I began collection the Robert Tonner Oz dolls, with the intention of creating a giant "dollhouse" type Emerald City. Well, I started the project, even built the base for the display, but then life happened (lost job, found job, produced two musical, got fired....) and I never finished it. I was planning on unveiling it as a big Christmas display that year, complete with giant Christmas tree and doll scale decorations. Instead the dolls and props ended up in storage.

So, this year I decided, while it wouldn't be my huge, grand display I had originally imagined, I would still set something up in my Oz room using some of the stuff. Above is the main part of the display, and I must say I'm kind of proud of it!

Dozens of Oz themes ornaments cover the 3 foot Christmas tree at the center. Dorothy, Glinda, Scarecrow and other Oz characters look on as Santa Claus adds one final ornament to the tree. Santa is a regular guest at Oz parties. But Christmas is his special time of year. Thanks to Dorothy, the citizens of Oz are learning the TRUE meaning of Christmas, in addition to the part Santa plays.

Locasta, the Good Witch of the North, has the honor of being the tree top. She looks down upon the festivities with a smile of holiday and Ozzy delight! Mostly retired now, and having turned her ruling duties over to Glinda (who is now the Good Witch of BOTH the South AND North), she loves to come to the Emerald City Christmas party every year to perform this task.

The Tin Man introduces the Queen of the Field Mice to Gloria (left ) and Jinjur (right). Like many of the ladies in the Emerald City, both of these beauties have secret crushes on our "galvanized friend".

Trixie Tryfle, a former waitress turned Emerald City hair dresser, cuddles Dorothy's pink kitten, Eureka, as the Cowardly Lion finds his Christmas gifts. Ever since their first meeting at the Wash and Brush Company, the Lion lets no one else style his mane.

One of Santa's elves tries to convince the Woozy that not all Christmas gifts are for eating. He doesn't seem to be succeeding! Billina, the yellow hen, looks on. The special Noah's Ark was hand carved by the Tin Man as a gift for Dorothy. She read him the Bible story one night and he loved it! Dorothy doesn't know this yet, but next year he's going to carve her a complete Nativity scene! Shhhhhh.....

The Scarecrow receives his very own copy of Baum's Wonderful Wizard of Oz! This is a very popular book in this country!!! An elf also shows Scarecrow a little marionette he made. Santa's head elf is at his side in case his holiday boss should need her. And Toto (at Dorothy's feet) keeps an eye out for any dropped Christmas cookies.

The China Princess, China Milkmaid (and her cow!) and Mr. Joker are also in attendance, and very careful to stay out of every one's way! the Milk Maid forgave Dorothy and her friends years ago for that mishap in the Dainty China Country when the first met.

In another part of the palace, Jellia Jamb, Cayke the Cookie Cook, Munchkin Margaret and two of Santa's elves try to reassure jack Pumpkinhead that pumpkin pie doesn't come from any of his former heads. However, Jack doesn't look too convinced....

In the land of the Winkies, the Wicked Witch of the West, who apparently DID NOT melt (Thank you Wicked), jealously watched the scene in her crystal ball and tries to plot the end of Christmas (she, the Grinch and Scrooge were all good friends at one time. Little does she know they're reformed!) Nikko and the Winkie General silently look on. She has also noticed that Dorothy has recovered the Ruby Slippers she lost on her first trip home from Oz. If the Witch and her court weren't in hiding, there may be trouble in Oz!

The display is far from my original vision of a few years ago. But I plan on making this one grow every year. I have already begun work on creating several new Oz characters that Tonner doesn't make, and plans for a "royal court" scene using these dolls and other non-Oz Tonner dolls redone as Oz cast members.

The rest of the Oz room is also set up and looks like this:

I love my Oz room. The sad part is that there is still a closet FULL of stuff I didn't have room for!!! But I do love it. I sat in it and read while Keith was working in his studio. It was so nice and cozy with the Christmas lights on. Having this room for my Oz collection is a dram come true!


  1. OMG! Your Oz collection is fantastic!!!! My primitive lion would have looked great along with your other charaters. :o) He did sell and I hope to make another one some day. :o)


  2. What a fun display - it looks like you get to enjoy your collection! It’s nice to see another local Oz fan - if you get a chance you should drop me an email at