Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So, it's been a VERY LONG TIME since I wrote anything here. And so much has been going on...I don't know where to begin!!!


Well, when I started this blog I was working for Minute Clinic, via Prostaff, in downtown Mpls. that ended in January. I went back a few times to clean up and finish a few projects, but otherwise I was done. Next it was a one day stint at a grocery store food show at the Minneapolis Convention Center, again via ProStaff. After that I was out of work for a few months. I would have a lead here and there but mostly just dead ends or jobs that never panned out.

Then in April, a week before Easter, Prostaff assigned me to Discount Steel and Aluminum in Northeast Minneapolis. I was happy for a new position, but had two concerns: 1) an openly gay man working for a steel company and 2) it's a TERRIBLE neighborhood. But, I took the job and worked as the receptionist for a month. Then one day the head of purchasing came to see me about moving to his department on a trial basis. I was hesitant, as I had NEVER worked in purchasing before, but I took a chance and agreed. Well, needless to say, it didn't work out. I lasted a little over a 2 months and it just wasn't a good fit. Thankfully, they like me enough at DS that they offered me my old receptionist position back and I jumped at it. I've been doing that for a few weeks, still working for ProStaff. However, as of tomorrow, August 18th, I become a Discount Steel employee and will no longer be working via the temp agency. The only down side is that I am not full time, just under as a matter of fact, so I still don't have insurance, vacation or sick days. But, HR said hopefully business will pick up enough for them to take me on full time. But hey, I'M EMPLOYED!!!


In June I began rehearsals to play "Daddy Warbucks" in Annie for the Lundstrum center for the Performing Arts. The production was part of a theatre camp for 5-13 year olds. Warbucks, Miss Hannigan, Rooster and FDR were all played by adults, and the rest of the cast by the kids. Some of the rehearsals were rough, but we made it through and the show was a blast!
I had two different "Annies". One was a darling kid named Jada. She played the role for the first two perforances. the second is a very dear little friend of mine, Emily Albert-Stauning. I've mentioned her on this blog once before (when she was in A Christmas Carol). Annie is Emily's dream role, and to get to play a part of that realization was just too wonderful to imagine. She played the role the last two shows. She was simply perfect and a joy to perform with. Emily's family is very dear to Keith and I, which made playing her stage father even more meaningful to me. It was very special.

Right after Annie, Lunstrum produced another theatre camp using 14-17 year olds. The show they did was Bye Bye Birdie. Like with Annie, a few adults were brought in to play several roles and the rest were performed by the students. I played "Mr. MacAfee', father of the female juvinale lead, "Kim". Mae Peterson (brilliantly played by Nancy Marvy), Conrad Birdie, Albert Peterson and the Maypr were the other adults. This show was a but rough, but again, we made it to opening night and it was a success. I LOVED the kids playing my family: Marisa Jacobus was "Kim MacAfee", Fresa Sanchez was "Doris MacAfee" and Javon Williams was poor "Randolph MacAfee". Great kids...I kiss them.
Next on the boards...possibly another production of Annie. If I get in, it will be my third time a Warbucks. One of these times my hair might not grow back!!!

5th Season

Keith and I have been toying with trying to start up our theatre company again, and this time try to make it our full time jobs. But theatres, non-profits and arts programs are risky and difficult things to make work. Judy and Mickey made it look so easy in those old movies!!! we are thinking about doing a "gala' to reintroduce ourselves to the area, and hopefully raise some money to re-incorporate and get our 501C3 status again. Then it's off the the wonderful world of begging for money, or as it's officially called, applying for grants. Luckily we have two friends in our lives that are willing to do what they can to make this process a little easier on us. God Bless Them!

We are looking at remounting The Wizard of Oz as our first production...again. Only this time it will be the RSC version. Our last production of Oz was a hit, so hopefully this one will be even bigger and better!!!!

Keith (the husband)

Keith is still plugging away at his art work, and still dreaming of somehow making money at it someday. He is so talented, but like theatre, it's a difficult industry to break in to. He had a website and what I think is a great portfolio. He is currently working on illustrating Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ( a personal project of his...in now way authorized by J. K.) and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Oz, being out of copyright, is something he can illustrate, self publish and sell copies of....which is the plan. He s not an Oz fan like I am, but is enjoying his journey down the yellow brick road. As an Oz collector, I can't wait to see the finished product!
This October we will have been "married" 4 years. I put the term in quotes because in MN it still isn't recognized. But to us and God it is. And I love him even more than I did they day I said "I do".

My Oz Collection
The Oz obsession is always growing, but never fast enough for my greedy little self. I've replaced some things I had to sell in years past for groceries or bills, and picked up some new stuff as well. The Oz Room is starting to burst at the seams, but I'm not complaining!!!!


This is a long and sad subject, but I will try to make is short. My grandma, someone I love and adore with all my heart, is 88 years old and at an age where she is falling too frequently and whose memory is on the fritz. Keith and I were going to take her in, and st first she was fine with it. But in her ornery old German way, she has now decided she doesn't want to leave her home. So, my lazy, good for nothing uncle is now living with her.
Where do I begin with explaining my uncle. He is in his middle 60's and NEVER had a full time job. He has defaulted on so many loans he has everyone from the U of Wis to the US Government trying to track him down and collect from him. He is an arrogant, self proclaimed authority on everything and a former draft dodger. My grandmother has supported him his whole life. And now he's living with her. Her savings, thanks to him, is almost gone (from $80,000 to $13,000 in 5 years). The family is beside ourselves as to what to do. My dad, her son-in-law, has a few ideas that we are putting in place. After that, we just pray. And then pray some more.
I guess that about covers it. I knew this was going to be a long one. I have promised myself to get better about posting here. Bye for now!

Oh yeah, I also turned 40!!!!

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